Mikel Obi, yes we all know him. That fine gentleman that captains the Super Eagles.

Well, what was news lately was that his father was kidnapped and this happened just before that all important 2018 World Cup match that the Eagles had with Agentina. Sad, we all agree. The side of the story represented by most media was all about how dangerous it is to live in Nigeria. Truly these are not the best times for the motherland especially with the news of killings by cattle rearers maurading across the land, unrestrained.

But there is another side to the story. A side that many media failed to acknowledge. A side that shows the resilience of the Nigerian, the doggedness of the Nigerian Spirit. Mikel symbolised the true character of the Nigerian, an unwavering  commitment to purpose and team. Or how else can one explain his calmness on the field that day? He played some of his very best football, marshalling his team and commanding the midfield. All these while going through extreme psychological pain and torture. Yet he chose not to bring to fore the calamitous news that he had received on the fear that it will do more harm than good to the 180 million strong nation. In doing this, he demonstrated his belief in the greater good of the nation over self.

When we speak of true heroes, let’s remember him as one, albeit while alive and not dead as we do of Stephen Keshi now. Let’s also be quick to point out to the world, from this unfortunate incident, what type of men Nigerians are. These are truly perilous times but the nation boasts of the finest of minds that could teach the world a thing or two about managing adversity.

Nigeria, good people, great nation.