Government College Ibadan

As I sluggishly raised myself off the bed yesterday morning, made a little prayer to the Almighty God, I started the now habitual routine of singing to the almighty.   However, just after a few songs, I found myself singing out the Government College Ibadan school song….School of our pride built on the rock.  

Yesterday, was a different day. After going through the three (3) stanzas, something compelled me to start once again from stanza one and sing the anthem over and over again. I brushed my teeth and kept on singing the school song, I started meditating on the words. Not that I haven’t done this before, in reality it is something that I do frequently. However, yesterday, it all came to me with a different meaning and a question that I haven’t asked myself before stirred up in me – how have I held true to the words of the school song that I have professed with my lips?

Well, to be candid, I think I have done well, really well. Stanza 1 verse 3 is a prayer that our learnings in school should affect our conduct in life. In my case, those two (2) years I spent within the walls of this great institution kept on shaping my attitude to life and my daily conduct. Given where I am in life today, I will say this prayer is largely answered.

Stanza2 verse 1 professes that I should not be selfish in the rendition of my services; I seem not to have been fully compliant in this regard. Well, to some extent, I will concede that I fell short of the service requirement and …., before you crucify me, I think as a student of Adam Smith, I am justified! Was it not Adam Smith in his “Wealth of Nation” that propounded the gospel that men should be self serving and it is by doing so that the larger society prospers? Like it or not, Paul Samuelson, the renowned economics also supports this when he penned down the following words in his book Economics:

“As every individual … therefore, endeavors as much as he can,….. By pursuing his own interest, he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it”

There you have it, the society is much better off when I promote service to myself (being selfish) than when I seek the common good of the society! For those who have watched the 1987 film, Wall Street, and the 2010 sequel Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, you would not deny knowing Gordon Gekko. He was the one that uttered the statement that Greed is Good in 1987. After spending 23 years in prison, he came out in 2010 to reaffirm that Greed is not only good but it is legal!

Yes, I am aware that many will ask – Bimbo are you nuts? No not really. I still believe in service to others but I disagree with the “not to self” ending in that stanza. I think it should change to service to others and to self.

The next stanza encourages consideration for Nigeria first in all my doings. Well I have always been moved by this and despite the happening on in Nigeria, I still remain committed to this ideal. The Christian Faith, which I profess, in Psalm 122:6 commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In my case, Nigeria is my Jerusalem and it is important for me to pray and seek its peace always. In Jer 29:7, concerning the captives of Israel, God commanded that they should:

“…seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.”  

So if God commands us to pray for our captors, it does naturally follow that we should seek the peace of our own land.

When it comes to showing honest labours dignity, I will give myself a pass mark in this also. I have endeavored to do this through my actions and not by the words of my mouth but as many will agree, this is rather a herculean task.

At the end of this monologue with myself, I recommitted myself to the vision of the school and sang the school anthem with a new sense of pride, knowing that I have not deviated from its ideals. How I wish I can stand again before Principal Fashina and sing the school song.

For my readers, can you share your school songs in the comment to this piece? Have you hold true to the ideals enshrined in the words of the song?

Government College Ibadan – School Song

School of our pride built on the rock,
By order, justice and fair play ruled,
May what we dare to learn from thee in youth
Be our guide light throughout our lives
School of our pride we build on thee.

Service is to others not to self,
Consideration for our Nation first,
By our examples and not by precept,
Show honest labours dignity,
School of our pride we build on thee.

Generations shall come and go,
But our pride youth will for aye remain,
May be not in the confines of your walls,
But in Alumni world-renowned.
School of our pride we build on thee

Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan – School Song

Who are students bright and gay,
here they are in Lagelu
Diligent and disciplined,
here they are in Lagelu

Chorus: Wherever I go; whatever I be,
I’ll always uphold your name.
Hold you dear;hold you near,
to my heart, Lagelu

In classroom work;
in the field of play
social life and everything,
lazy drones, cheats and idlers,
have no room in Lagelu