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A few hours ago, we requested that readers should provide the list of all billionaires in Nigeria known to them and how they got to be wealthy. Below is what we have:

  1. Anthony Elumelu
  2. Jim Ovia
  3. Enoch Adeboye
  4. Afe Babalola
  5. Tonye Cole
  6. Femi Aluko
  7. Seyi Makinde
  8. Emir Sanusi
  9. Igho Shanomi
  10. Ibrahim Babangida
  11. Amaechi Rotimi
  12. Abba Kyari
  13. Femi Otedola
  14. Aliko Dangote
  15. Bola Shagaya
  16. Olusola Saraki
  17. Dino Melaye
  18. Yaya Bello
  19. El Rufai
  20. Bola Tinubu
  21. Segun Obasanjo
  22. Seyi Tinubu
  23. Wale Tinubu
  24. Ali Modu Sheriff
  25. Mallam Indimi
  26. Folorunso Alakija
  27. Coshas Maduka
  28. Okoya of Eleganza
  29. The Abachas
  30. Abdusalam Abubakar
  31. Adams Oshiomhole
  32. Babatunde Raji
  33. Arthur Eze
  34. Emeka Ofor
  35. David Oyedepo
  36. Mohammed Inuwa
  37. Abubakar Maina
  38. Mohamed Buhari
  39. T. Y. Danjuma
  40. Uduaghan Emma
  41. Orji Kalu
  42. Allen Onyema
  43. Rochas Okorocha
  44. Peter Obi
  45. Celestine Ebubeogu
  46. Michael Adenuga
  47. Atiku Abubakar


Group 1 Billionaires
Out of the 47 names mentioned, 24 of them held office directly and their wealth is only linkable to the era in which they were in office. We thus cautiously concluded that over 50% of the recognizable billionaires in Nigeria obtained their wealth by having held some political office of sorts! These people have no known industry of note; they’re not known to employ up to 500 persons nor have firms turning over huge volumes annually.

Group 2 Billionaires
There are 10 persons in this group. These are people known to have made it good by being very close associates of some that had held office. They have never held office but have been extremely close to those that did. And their wealth is linkable to the era in which their principals held office. They make up about 18% of the population of study!

Group 3 Billionaires
There are also 10 persons in this group. These people are not known to have held office nor have the arrival of their wealth been linked with anyone that held office at any era. These people make up about 18% of the statistical distribution. They have known industries and firms with pedigree. Employers of Labour and contributing to human development. Leaders of the religious groups are grouped here.

Group 4 Billionaires
There are 3 persons in this group. Never held office in any way but their beginnings are hazy. They are somewhat linked to those that have held office but we couldn’t be certain. They are smart, grey and undefined and need to be more researched. Decent enough but sufficiently grey to attract sidelong looks.

From the fore-going, we could infer that those that exploit this unfortunate structure wrought by a most unfortunate constitution make up about 70% of the population.

These are people who do not manufacture one item, do not employ labour, do not pay appreciable taxes and contribute little to the economy but misery! 70% of the billionaires have their fangs deeply sunk into the juicy flesh of the treasury.

Only about 30% in the population of study bear the brunt of providing employment, adding value and reducing the poverty of Nigerians!

That’s the prebendal nature of the Nigerian structure; that’s the system some neophytes in Nigeria want to murder themselves for. That’s the ugly system uninformed Nigerians validate with their votes every four years! That’s the disaster we are upholding in the name of constitution! That’s the corruption we pretend to fight while the structure is dedicated ONLY to corruption!

And it’s those 70% we unfortunately, label as leaders.
If they are the leaders, where then are the criminals? Those cannibals are leading us straight to hell.

You could be a leader too in Nigeria……just steal enough to make the list and you are declared a leader.

Without the #autonomous Regions, the death of Nigeria would be a certainty; Nigeria shall be canibalized to death. It’s as sure as water flows in the River Niger!


Baron Roy