This is an open invite for you to join us on the Global Chat Radio, broadcasting from Tuart Hill in Western Australia, as we discuss Nigeria.

Our aim on the programme is to present Nigeria, its history and people, to the listening audience. Its cultural heritage and historical milestones shall be used to project Nigeria in a form that has hitherto been excluded from the knowledge of the average listener.

There is a whole array of misinformation out there and many that are at best, half-truths or single stories. we aim to present a balanced narrative about the nation to the non-Nigerian public.

Spiced with Nigerian Music especially Afro-Beat, Juju, Fuji, highlife and similar, the listener will be immersed in an experience that will, for the 45mins of the programme, translate your mind to Nigeria.

The broadcast schedule for the programme is as follows (all times GMT+8):
1. Original Episode on Saturdays by 5pm and
2. Repeats on:
  A. Tuesdays by 1:30pm and
  B. Thursdays by 3am

Kindly click this link at the above times and you will be able to listen to the broadcast.

Your programme host is Oluwaseun Bakare. You can listen also to past episodes of the programme by clicking on the links below:

Episode 1: Synopsis of the Programme;
Episode 2: Pre-Colonial Nigeria
Episode 3: Slave Trade
Episode 4: Independence

For listeners, we value your feedback and are available to respond to your questions and comments. Kindly make these known by using the space beneath this post to reach us.