Starting May 1st 2021, I am hosting a program titled “Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation” on the Global Chat Radio broadcasting from Tuart Hill, Western Australia.

Global Chat Radio (GCR) is an on-line radio station supported by the Western Australian Multicultural Association (WAMA) with the aim of promoting and celebrating the diversity of people and cultures around Australia.

The first episode, the Synopsis, which was hosted jointly with Nirmal Singh is available here for your listening pleasure.

At the GCR Studio, Recording the Pilot Episode

All future episodes of the program will be broadcast to audience on the following days and times (All times GMT+8): Original Episode on Saturdays by 5pm and Repeats on (a) Tuesdays by 1:30pm and (b) Thursdays by 3am

You can listen to this and all other programs on the Global Chat Radio on any device by clicking here or typing in your web browser.

I am looking forward to your listening to the program and helping to build an audience base so that we can jointly help in projecting a positive image of Nigeria to the world. In upcoming episodes, I would be needing some Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to discuss salient Nigerian issues. If you are interested to be part of this live panel, I will appreciate if you can send me an email to

Feedback is golden and as such I will appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions on how the program can better accomplish its aims – presenting balanced information on Nigeria, its people, culture and politics.

Thank you for listening.