Luciani then expressed his wish that the words of Sandhu Singh would perhaps one day no longer be true:

“One day I was sitting on the banks of a river. I took from the water a round stone and I broke it. Inside it was perfectly dry. That stone had been lying in the water for a long time but the water had not penetrated it. Then I thought that the same thing happened to men in Europe. For centuries they have been surrounded by Christianity but Christianity has not penetrated, does not live within them.”

In God’s Name by David Yallop. 2007.Page 48

“The possible mistake of the superior [the Pope] does not authorize the disobedience of subjects.” Cardinal Felici, Page 22

Ghandi “I admire Christ but not Christians.”. – Page 47

If you come across error, rather than uprooting it or knocking it down, see if you can trim it patiently, allowing the light to shine upon the nucleus of goodness and truth that usually is not missing even in erroneous opinions. – Page 13

“….Some time later Marcinkus got me an audience with Paul VI (the Pope), who thanked me because in the meantime I had sorted out some problems of the Ambrosiano Library. In reality, I ynderstood he was thanking me for buying Banca Cattolica del Veneto” recorded statement of Roberto Calvi in Vatican Incorporated. In God’s Name by David Yallop page 131

“…Then Pope Paul VI died….When he heard the name of the new Pope, Albino Luciani, Calvi was shocked. Virtually any of the other 110 Cardinals would have been preferable….Then Calvi heard the news he had been dreading. Bishop Paul Marcinkus’s days were numbered. If Marcinkus went, total exposure of the entire fraud was inevitable. He recalled what Marcinkus had said to him by telephone within days of Luciani’s election: ‘Things are going to be very different from now on. This Pope is quite a different man.’ ” Vatican Incorporated in In God’s Name by David Yallop Pages 140 to 141.

“…When the Cardinals elected Albino Luciani to the Papacy on that hot August day in 1978 they set an honest, holy, totally incorruptible Pope on a collision course with Vatican Incorporated. The irresistible market forces of the Vatican Bank, APSA and the other money-making elements were about to be met by the immovable integrity of Albino Luciani.” Vatican Incorporated in In God’s Name by David Yallop Pages 143 to 144.

“Earlier, on September 6th, during a General Audience, members of the Papal entourage, fussing around the Holy Father in a manner reminiscent of irritating flies around a horse, publicly displayed embarrassment as Luciani held over 15,000 people spellbound. Entering almost at a trot into Nervi Hall, which was filled to overflowing, he talked about the soul. There was nothing remarkable in that. What was unusual was the manner and the style.
Once a man went to buy a new motor car from an agent. The salesman gave him some advice. ‘Look, it’s an excellent car, make sure you treat it correctly. Premium petrol in the tank, the best oil in the engine.’ The customer replied, ‘Oh no, I can’t stand the smell of petrol or oil. Fll the tank with champagne, which I like very much and I’ll oil the joints with jam.’ The salesman shrugged, ‘Do what you like: but don’t come and complain if you end up in a ditch with your car.’

The Lord did something similar with us: he gave us this body, animated by an intelligent soul, a good will. He said, ‘This machine is a good one, but treat it well.'” The Thirty-three Days in In God’s Name by David Yallop Pages 147 to 148.