Is this not a Sahara?

Today, I took the Sahara for a spin on the sand dunes at Leschenault. It all started well, then a glitch and we got hooked on the sand.

Having tried all I knew to no avail, I sought for help. A couple of guys in their Nissan Patrol stopped, helped to dig out the sand from under the Sahara and finally gave up. Their assessment, the Sahara was too deeply stuck in the sand – it was resting fully on the sands. I pulled out the snatch strap so that they could help to pull me backwards only to realise that their vehicle doesn’t have the tow power to pull. Sahara. They wished me luck and continued on their way, with a promise to flag down help for me if they find one.

Seated calmly on the passenger seat was Red Pumpkin. While I was fretting and at a loss on what next to do she asked “Is this not a Sahara”? I said it was. A couple of seconds later, she gave me her phone and asked me to watch a YouTube video. “Is your car more deeply embedded in the sand than this”, she asked? I watched the video and sigh “a-ha”!

I got back in the vehicle, looked for the “Crawl Button” and activated crawl. The Sahara came to life, groaned here, shook there, shuddered and presto, we were free. 

Unbelievable! After all, there is a reason why it is a Sahara. It’s the King off roads.

The moral of the story, you can have a very capable and top of the pack equipment, if your knowledge is deficient, you have nothing.

Power is nothing, knowledge is everything.