For many of us, with not enough funds to buy exercise equipments and maintain a gym in our houses, Lake Morgan has become somewhat of our exercise spot. Apart from the scenic beauty of the lake and its well kept surroundings, it provides a 3.5km walk trail that is so easy for the young and old to use at most part of the day. If you are into running, skating, cycling, jogging or walking, this trail is amenable to whatever you bring its way. Whatever you do, you will not be alone and will find company in both old and young doing the same around the lake.

My wife and I have come to find this walking trail our shared opportunity to temporarily leave life’s challenges behind and enjoy the company of each other while catching some much needed exercise through walking. You will most likely find us on the trail doing the long stride walking or jogging and chatting at the same time.

A grateful heart

This morning we were on the trail. Rather than drive to the Lake, we chose to walk straight there from our house and back. The weather was calm and nice and the walk to the lake was just pleasant and enjoyable. We did our normal walk but on getting mid-way, our attention was drawn to the shed next to the exercise equipments.

We have often used the exercise equipments but at no time have we paid attention to the tent looking shed near by. After the body stretching, I walked into the shed and was surprised to realise that it is a monument dedicated to the many Australians that, in their death, have donated their organs to many others so they may live.

The roll call dates back to the 1960s but the list of names then was not many. In recent years, 2011 to 2012, the list has grown showing that the idea of giving ones organs to others, when one is gone has caught on. It is not only a nice thing to do, it is what God will like us to do. At that point, I remember that Jesus gave his life on the cross that we may be released from the bondage of sins. While we cannot repeat what Christ did for us, I thought of how nice it will be to know that giving my heart, lung, kidneys or other internal organs, after I am dead, has allowed one individual out there to live a longer healthier life.

The shed of Remembrance

I left the shed thinking of the story of the good Samaritan as told by Jesus to the rich man. I remember that Jesus concluded saying that “whomever you are able to help, that person is your neighbour”. I wonder what a better world it will be if as many of us as can, will sign up to donate our organs to help those in need.