Thisday Newspaper of Thursday March 8th 2012 was exciting. Exciting in the sense that the Benue State Government chose this medium to advertise its achievements under Governor Gabriel Suswam watch. Such being necessary as to publicize the official visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to the state.

Now, in the words of a good friend of mine, you just can’t polish a toad, a toad will always be a toad. Eight (8) pages of the newspaper was taken by the government of Benue State to publicize its accomplishments, the most notable being New Governor’s Lodge. I must confess upfront that I do not have all the facts as to the cost of this beautiful edifice to the taxpayers and the citizenry of Benue State but I believe it would be a colossal sum. The point is, how Does building a new government house helps to alleviate the problems of the Benue Citizen? Arguments can be made that the new edifice is beneficial more to Suswam and his retinue of aids and hangers on but not to the ordinary citizens of Benue state.

We expect accountability from those who we have elected to manage our collective affairs. Suswam should take more joy in building schools, roads, hospitals and crating avenues for employment for the average citizenry. These are the things that are of importance to the people and will be regarded as good investment in human capital. When government choose to up the scale of their luxurious live style just as the new government house will do to Suswam as the acquisition of planes by our other friend from the South-South, then we need to ask questions whether these people are serving us or serving themselves.

Dear Governor Suswam, posterity will judge you not on the lavishness of the government house but on the lives you touch by providing social infrastructure and safety nets.