The challenges of this world are daunting and in the midst of coping with it, many do become disillusioned.
We tend to forget that this is not the destination but a journey, preparing us for the life after life.
It’s my way of awakening many as to the graveness of the decision we make each day y following the masses.

By Bimbo Bakare

Having toiled and sweated
All days long
I came to realise
That the toils of man is nothing
Weighed down with burdens
Having tried all else
In solitude I sat
And from the subconscious I remember
That the good Lord has said
Come unto me, ye that labour
Rest will I give to your souls

Of this I also do remember
That One had said, of religion
The opium of the masses it is
I then became like one
Arriving at a cross road
Should I go left or right?
Should I stay or return?

To stay, unwise
Being a wise man, I know
That nothing ventured, Nothing Gained.
To return, bondage
Of perpetual toils and sweats
Of miseries and of woes
Onward then I must move
To the left or right
I knew not
Wither goest I from here?

The Left,
Yes, the Left.
So much, it promises
The Traffic, more
Of people, smiling and laughing
Happy are they, or so they seem
All to the Left they turn
The more I watch
The more they throng
All to the Left

The Right looks not right
The paths, seemingly untrodden
With growths, here and there
For the period I observed
Only one strange fellow
Turned and took the right

I tried asking
None was patient enough
All in a hurry were
All to the Left turned
I shouted but none listened
Why the Left? Why not the Right?
Lost in my thoughts
Left or Right, which is right?
I could hear a voice
Strong, bold and convincing
Take the popular way
The majority can’t be wrong
Wide it is and well-trodden
I was to turn to the Left
When another voice, I heard
Soft, gentle and faint
Take the Right
The majority ain’t always right.

Now am more confused
Call it curiosity or adventure
A challenge, I know not
To the Right I turned
Rough was the path
Through the thick and thorns
I persevered and kept on.

With time I grew weary
Would have made a turn back
If not for a light I saw
This, the Traveller’s delight
Beamed and glowed at a distance
I kept on, faith and hope at play
Maybe I would obtain shelter
Where the light glowed

Then, as a loud scream it came
Jolting me to look the other way
Confused were the sounds
Wailing, shouting and scream
All, from the now distant left
But beyond redemption, they all were
As to the light, I came
Off goes the weariness
A brightness incomparable

Alas I have escaped
From the destruction
Of the wide and well-trodden
And most of all, of False Beliefs
By experience, I came to know
In the issue of salvation
The majority is wrong ALWAYS.