So I got “home” after being away for quite a while and my daughter presented me with a boat. She requested that when I am well settled, I should open it up because it contains words that express how she felt about me.

Well, after all the pleasantries and the sumptuous meal, I finally got to opening up the boat and the text below represents the words that were written by my daughter, hidden up in the boat. I felt proud as a father and plan to cherish these words for as long as life is in me. It is for moments like this that all the efforts of training them up are rewarding.

My Little Red Pumpkin, I am proud of you always and believe so much in you that you will achieve greatness. Keep pushing at it, girl!

Hi Dad,

In case you are wondering why I would make this letter into a boat, it’s simply because this was the first thing you showed me how to make with paper. I remember it so clearly, we were in our apartment in Korea siting on the rug, where the chairs were in front of the projector. You took some newspapers and showed me how to do it. At first, I couldn’t get it but you had patience with me and I did it!

I just want to simply thank you for all the patience that you’ve had with me for the past 14 years. I love you so much dad. Welcome home.