I haven’t seen “Doctor” for quite a while, frankly not in three (3) months or so. We’ve been meeting thrice weekly on the Lawn Tennis Court in Ikoyi and it was a given that I would walk away from the matches being the victor. This day was different. Not only did he beat me, I went home limping. I was later to learn that I just got Planter Fasciitis, don’t bother asking me what this meant.

Well, I have been in and out of the clinic mending this. Now, having missed my regular dose of tennis, my tummy has started bulging out. I needed to make a choice between having a sagging tummy and injuring my foot further. I called “Doctor” and we arranged to meet on Friday. The game was good, real good but the pain in the foot was disturbing. I had my pound of flesh and after playing for a little over an hour, we called it off.

The time was a little past eight and I remembered the prostitutes. Yes, I said the prostitutes. It would be nice to know how they operate their night business. I drove my car into Lekki Phase 1 and you really do not need a guide to know where they were. Scantily dressed, hidden partly by the darkness. A couple of them were there, at the second right turning, once you enter the estate. As I turned my car into that street, I noticed there was another car parked on my other side, already negotiating his business. As I pulled to a stop, I could see two of them approaching. “Hey, honey!”, “Hi Sweetie”, they made their calls and came to my passenger side.

My heart was beating faster, mostly from the appreciation of danger regarding this experiment. I rolled down my passenger side window one third of the way downwards with my doors locked. She was in her early twenties, her dressing was more descent than that of the other lady that was fast approaching. She could be taken to be on her way to see a friend within the neighborhood. Her hair, I mean the attachments, need some upkeep but overall she’s pretty presentable. I was short of words on what I should say but she helped out. Sucking is N7k and Sucking and Fucking is N15k. I asked for clarifications, how much it would cost if I were to take her home that night. She said N15k but I should tell her how much I was ready to pay. I said I needed to think about this. She requested that I should tell her any amount that I wanted to pay. I said my thanks and drove off. Yes, I drove off and you could believe anything else that you want to believe.

As I drove off, I kept on thinking of what economic hardship would have thrown just a seemingly descent girl to the streets. Then I remembered the cluster of boys that I had seen near the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge area. I steered my car towards the area and took the left turning before reaching the bridge’s roundabout. A little further down the road, the serenity of the street changed. Milling all around, in front of one of the bars by the waterside are countless guys. As my car approached, about six to seven of them ran towards my driver’s side. Each carrying a black bag and in his hand is a small transparent pouch with weeds in them. This was Marijuana, being sold openly in Lekki. I asked what it was they were selling but they refused to answer, preferring to thrust the sachet to me through my window. I didn’t bother to ask for the price. I was more afraid that a Policeman or detective could be lurking around in the darkness. I drove off and there was no policeman trailing me.

All in one night and within a few meters of each other, I met them all. The low lives that live amongst us. The drug peddlers and the prostitutes. And who knows, who else could be found within the multitude that have made Lekki Phase 1 their grounds each night. I couldn’t stop thinking, are these vices hidden from the knowledge of our policemen or they are too busy fighting other crimes that these evidence of moral decay in our way of life goes unchecked?