The Dawn heals and life moves on
(Nature continues unspoilt) – A poem by David Finley.

I sit all night – on this cold rock.
The day then breaks – as new sun shines.
My tears ignore – the crowing Cock.
And I see not – the warming signs.

The Dew of dawn’s – first breath lays down.
Where spiders web – must take the strain.
Between new grass, – a Toadstool’s crown.
And for a while – I now am sane

Eternal springs – this daily dance.
Of life unseen – beneath our feet.
As crushed by those – too big to glance.
But long evolved – to not be beat.

Each day’s new world – replaces old.
My heartache fades – and pain wiped clean.
Nought is lost that – was once to hold.
Relegated – to place once been.

I raise myself – and hold my fears,
avoid the web – and damp Toadstool.
l brush fresh Dew – and wipe my tears,
and leave the rock, – now warmed from cool.

Dave is a friend and colleague.