Not all things that are lawful are necessarily expedient! Apostle Paul makes this known vividly when he said that “All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not” in 1 Cor 10:23

No matter how we decide to slice this issue, I think these purchases (as it is with such other purchases by many of our men in white robes) are a result of error in judgement. Many people do judge books by their covers (despite the conventional advice that we should not). Rightly or wrongly, many men of different faith persuasions will never step in a church in their lives but their understanding of the Christian faith will be assessed by the flamboyant wealth display of our jet owning pastors. Of course they are more glamorous and adorn the cover pages of our magazines than those faithful few that are tucked in the remote corners of the country doing great missionary works for God.

As I understand it, the word Christianity means to be Christ like – it was first used for the disciples at Antioch where they had everything in common and touched every life. Jesus was able to command money out of the mouth of a fish to pay his taxes. This suggest, at least to me if not o anybody else, that if Jesus were to be in need of money to meet with any of his “wants”, he could have easily gotten this but he chose not to fulfil his wants but was content with satisfying his needs – which he expressed as basically to do his father’s will. Have we considered that in the days of Jesus Christ there were horse driven chariots and Jesus owned none? Could Jesus also not have acquired one on the pretext that such was needed to spread the gospel to the “uttermost part of the earth”. I can’t recall the master has having done this.

So let’s ask ourselves, what is the excuse for the jet planes that our pastors have now come to crave in a country where many are living in squalor? Have we run out of people that we can make impacts to their lives? Would society not have been better served if these funds were otherwise used to “buy the future” by investing in missionary schools, the likes that gave many of them the lives they are currently enjoying?

Judgement is coming and it will start from the house of God!