Of Which I nearly fell victim to 419ers!

This is an alert. An alert to friends that the 419 epidemic is wide spread and largely uncurtailed. I almost fell victim of a well orchestrated 419 attack recently and am willing to share my experience with those who want a detailed download of what happened.

Suffice it to say that we all need to be conscious of the following details and if any surfaces around you, please call the law enforcement agents. These are the details of the fraudster that attempted to defraud me:

  1. His IP address is and service provider is Visafone Communications Ltd.
     I have contacted Visafone who is yet to take action on this individual
  2. He maintains Account No: 3080158616 with First Bank of Nig Plc
     My contacts have written to First Bank and reported the fraudster’s account.
  3. That his phone number is +234 704 628 7978.
  4. That his name or alias with which he operates his bank account is Olaosebikan Abiodun

If you need the full details of my experience, please send me a mail at bimbo@bimbobakare.com and I will gladly share the detailed experience with you. It is disheartening to realise the extent to which our young men have gone. No one is safe and eternal vigilance is required in our day to day dealings.

Please put away the notion that your email exchanges are secured – they are not. An hacker, unaware to you, may be intercepting your mails. and may be generating mails in your name to other people giving them different instructions without your knowledge. I will advice that you contact the people and businesses you frequently deal with and reiterate that they should not act on any emails purportedly originating from you, without a confirmatory phone call.

Kindly take heed, no one is safe anymore from these yahooyahoo boys. Unfortunately, there is a Part Two to this encounter. It was deadlier and I was actually defrauded. I am still working through the various institutions to claim some of the losses.

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  1. Ola Awosemo says:

    Araba tun ra mu, Odo ngbe arêre. So shocking this is can happen to you. It is indeed a great lesson to the less wary.

  2. Ola Awosemo says:

    Araba tun ra mu, odo ngbe arere. Its a real shock this is happening to you! It is the shame of our nation that few young men and women of today no longer attach values to hard work and good names. Do you really blame them? The whole environment stinks of corruption in low and high places.
    Thanks for sharing this experience. A good eye opener to all of us

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