It’s another first for NIPOST – that colossus that rules the Nigeria’s antiquated postal system.

Sitting in the quietness of my office on the 19th July, I received a mail which was from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. I opened the mail to find in it the ballot papers for the Institute’s election to council. This attracted my attention, as it always had. I spent the next ten minutes going through the papers, reviewing the profiles of the contestants.

Just as I turned to complete the ballot paper, the title on the paper brought me to a stand still. It says Ballot Papers for 2010 Elections. Now, this was not funny. Was ICAN reusing old ballot papers, Was ICAN unable to fund its activities again or was this the printer’s devil. No it wasn’t any of these. It was our almighty NIPOST at work. I soon found out that these mails have been despatched since 6th April 2010!

For more than two (2) years, a mail was sent out and I did not get it till today. Three Big Claps for NIPOST, they have managed to move into the theatre of the ridiculous.