Insensitive and Unperturbed....Oshinowo Omobolaji

I was on the return leg of a trip to Port Harcourt and unlike at other times, the plane arrived on time to take us all back to Lagos. It was the Aero Contractor’s first flight of the day to Lagos. The flight was the Aero Contractors (ACN) flight 314 to Lagos.

Boarding went as planned and I was just settling to my seat when a mini drama started to unfold before me. I became curious, what seemed to be the issue? A middle aged, courteous and well-dressed gentleman had approached a row where his assigned seat was and wanted to take his seat. He found out that a young woman had taken same. Politely he asked the lady to give up the seat as she probably was mistaken in terms of where she ought to seat. The response from the lady was amusing – she asked the man to take the next available seat as she was the first person that got to the row of seats.

Her response was not found amusing by the gentleman and he tried persuading the lady that it was not free seating but that he needed to take his assigned set. The lady refused and the lad had to take another seat on the same row. Unfortunately, this seat belonged to another passenger who had now shown up and would like the man to get up from her seat. The man tried to but couldn’t as the other lady was still occupying his seat and remains unperturbed. She kept on holding on to the fact that she got to the row first and it doesn’t matter which seat anyone sat on and as such she wasn’t going to yield her seat.

A little crowd was building up in the plane as the aisle was blocked as a result of this seat issue. The attendance of the flight attendant was called, she also tried persuading the woman to yield the seat but to no avail. Noticing that this may escalate into a big problem, the man chose the path of peace. He abandoned the entire row of seat and chose a seat away from the lady.

Our unperturbed lady, I was later to find out, was a Mrs. Oshinowo Omobolayi. She was totally an insensitive lady and had no concerns for trampling on other’s rights.