It’s Daniel .A. or simply Justin Bieber…..

Prior to arriving in Perth, my son had gained admission to the International School of Western Australia. I had looked up the school on the internet, asked a few questions here and there and concluded it will be the best fit for his education, especially since the school caters for the needs of the international community in Perth and beyond.

Off to Perth, we went with my firm believe that I had a spot for my son. As the situation turned out, the ISWA opportunity was not a best fit. We finally got another school for him and he has been blossoming there. Recently, as part of its course in Media, the school had a music project for his senior students. As parents, we were invited over to the school, one evening, where the children showcased their works and finalist were selected for the awards. While I am pained to say my son’s input did not win an award, I am however thrilled of the ingenuity behind his team’s submission.

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  1. Lola Bakare says:

    Oh my God !! this was too cool !! loved every minute of it and i am still dancing to it as i type :). Kiti me, your were super great and i could not help but see what a fine tall young man you have become.

    Stay blessed my dears and please create more videos ! you made my day.

  2. busola adigun says:

    this is really nice!!!

  3. Wonuola BAMBEKE says:

    Hello Kiti,

    That was a good one, am very proud of you. Will ask my son Olasubomi to join you when next you are perfoming, so that he could learn all those skills of yours….lol

    Keep it up, and be save. Much LOVE from me.

  4. Shina Akindeko says:

    Wao! Your boy is settling down fast. Keep it up

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