It is Perth…..and this is Subi

It’s strange how things that we normally take for granted bring us to reality and sends a jolt to our spines. Sometimes.

While wondering around in the late evening cool weather of Subiaco Square, my wife suggested that we branch into a coffee shop and have coffee. Given the lively activities in this area, there is a preponderance of coffee shops around and within minutes we found onion our path. We stepped in, as we were meant to do, and requested to be served with a cup of hot choco and another one of capuccino. To make these easy on the stomach, we requested for two slices of ginger bread cake.

Our orders were taken by a cheerful lady with an infectous smile. Once done, we took our seats amongst the other teeming customers. It is easily seen that many are foreigners like ours – the diversity of colors and tonnation of the English language spoken easily betrays this. The atmosphere was pleasant with a soft cool music playing but overridden with the chatting from the different tables. Our seats were carefully chosen by the glass windows so that we may have an unobstructed view of the going ons on Rokeby Road – the road on which the restaurant is located.

My wife and I were soon engrossed in our little chat of how our day went and what life changes we have had to adjust to within our very first month of taking abode here in Perth. Often, we take our eyes off each other to take a look at the activities going on around us. Right on the street, we saw couples holding hands and walking leisurely around. My wife took note of this and pointed out how gracious it is for a couple to grow old together – having a dependable ally by ones side as one sojourn through life. I also noted the young ladies, often in pairs but sometimes in groups. Just diagonally across from us was a movie theater and it didn’t take time for me to figure out that most pedestrian traffic ends there.

Ocassionally, we hear the loud booming noise of retrofitted silencers before seeing the cars. When the cars drive past us, in their different colours and makes, we look at each other and share a smile. What we exchange in our silence is often what life will be when our two bundles of youthful energy have left the house. The sights and sounds of Subi, as many fondly call Subiaco, is alluring. This is the reason why we chose Subi as our home.

A couple of minutes later, our order was delivered. My wife took a sip from her Capuccino and complained that it was bitter than expected. I knew what to expect of my hot choco – not bitterness but a pleasant sugary taste. That was one choice I put some thoughts into before the order. The hot drinks were a pleasant relief from the biting cold. We took slices from the cake and we were satisfied that our choices were right. In the moment we were going through our light meal, a couple of teens entered the coffee shop. From their familiarity with the service lady, this obviously was not their first visit, unlike us. They must have been regulars here. At our far end, we stole a glance and saw a man with grey hairs and slight baldness kissing a lady. She could be his wife or an acquaintance., whichever way you want to describe that, we knew not.

We were soon done with our meal and asked for the bill. The lady showed up. She handed it over with a smile and started packing the cups. I took a look at the bill and exclaimed that it couldn’t be true. I have just been handed a $45 bill for the meal. My wife looked at me and she asked to see it. The look on her face sums up the rest of the story – it is Perth, she said, and this is Subi. I looked into my wallet and grumpily counted the bills, move to the cash register and handed them over.

By the time we strolled into the street, out of the coffee shop, it was dark all around us but the clock on a building by us says 7:30pm.We held hands, cuddled a little and took our time to go through the ten minutes walk home. The sights on the way home were lovely. We passed by the train station with its busy human traffic, walked through Subi Centro while looking at the well manicured flowers, the beautifully designed and brightly coloured apartments and offices. We soon got to the lake at Juniper Bank Way and we wanted to spend a few minutes by the lake with its ducks. Other residents were there already. Some walking their dogs and others engrossed in keep fit activities of different forms. Not sure of what mischief awaits us in the house from our kids, we thought it wise to go home now and come to the lake at some other time. We were soon at the rotary and a few steps after we were answering “my little red pumpkin’s” questions. What took you so long? Why were you not picking your phones? We were so worried? The questions came in torrents and experience had thought me that it is great wisdom to respond back by giving her a big bear hug and apologise. The trip to Subi Square and back had taken less than an hour but it was enjoyable and well worth it.

By the way we’ve been back at the coffee shop and will always go back. Yes, this is expensive but this is Perth and it is also Subi.

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