Ibadan, ilu olokiki, ilu oloye!

I come from the ancient city of Ibadan. I am a citizen of the world and wherever I go, whatever I be, I will not forget my origin – the city of Ibadan.

I am proud of my heritage and very appreciative for my upbringing.

ilu olokiki,
ilu oloye,
ilu onimo, ilu olola, ilu olowo.

Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

running splash of rust
and gold — flung and scattered
among the seven hills like broken
china in the sun.

J.P Clark-Bekederemo (b.1935)

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  1. Bola Owodunni says:

    Omo a fi Karaun f’ori mu. Ibadan mama maja boti se ko arawaju leru……….

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