Driver of JA604EKY – VW Passat

On Sunday February 5, 2012 at around 8:02am, a lady driving a black Volkswagen Passat with Lagos registration number JA604EKY approached the Chevron Lekki Roundabout. Instead of going the full circle round the roundabout, she took an immediate left turn and drove on the wrong side of the road.

A loud booo to this lady.

3 Responses

  1. ZAINAB says:

    Imagine, ideally the lady ought to have done the right thing but because most of us are lawless we sometimes even held such action instead of insisting on the person to the right thing, most we look the otherside. its quite a shame.

  2. Safuratu says:

    In a lawless society, the lawful ones are regarded as foolish. God will help us in this nation. In any case we should always be lawful.

  3. Daddy G says:

    We may have to forgive the lady for she might be thinking she was driving on a London road.

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