Following my not too savory experience in Singapore, being a man that will not go down without a fight, I wrote a letter to the Singaporean Immigration Authorities. I sent copies of the letter to the Nigerian High Commissions in Australia and Singapore as well as to the Singaporean High Commission in Australia.

Prior to leaving Changi Airport, on arrival, I had sent in a feedback to the authorities of the Airport. On April 25th, I received a request for further information from the Terminal Operations Manager of the Airport and swiftly provided the requested information. The Airport is yet to get back to me on its position concerning this issue.

However, on Friday I received a very pleasant phone call from the Nigerian High Commissioner to Australia – Amb. Ayo Olukanni. The discussion I him reaffirmed my faith that “we shall overcome someday” our challenges as a nation. The challenges that have made us to be treated with infamy by many nations are basically from the way some of our countrymen have acted or failed to act. The solutions will be in the actions and failure to act of those of us that see a need for change. He was humble, he understood the issues and he was ready to pursue necessary courses of actions within the foreign diplomatic community to ensure that this does not happen to others. He was also frank concerning the challenges that we face as a nation and how this limits the extent to which the consulates can act.

What I appreciate about the call from the Ambassador was that he made the call himself! He did not leave it to any other member of the diplomatic corp to do this, to show his concern, he did this himself. Dear Ambassador, thank you.

I still eagerly await the response from our Singaporean friends and I will keep all updated. However, the message here is for us to be shining examples of Nigerians in every sphere of life we find ourselves. If in doing this, we encounter situations that impinges on our humanity, we should fight back. They that come to equity must come with clean hands, so says our learned friends.