Following the fraudulent diversion of funds meant for me to a Barclays Bank Account in London, I got in touch with Barclays Bank Fraud Unit. I had a lengthy phone conversation and was then requested to send in my written complaint.

I did as requested and did not get a response from Barclays. I called to follow up and was told that I will only get a response in not less than three (3) weeks. Finally, this week I got Barclays response and it was shameful. The response in summary states that prior to being notified of the fraud, the funds have been paid out by Barclays. As a result, Barclays does not see anything it could do further.

Excuse me? Is Barclays unaware of its Know Your Customer responsibilities? Should Barclays not have the details of the person that opened this account – his identity and where he resides? Ought Barclays not be concerned with the unbelievable fact that a fictitious account was opened in its branch, received reportable funds within 3 days and the funds withdrawn instantaneously?

It is shameful that Barclays will wite the sort of letter it wrote and not assume responsibilities for the lapses in its process of account opening and operations.

Barclays Bank, welcome to the hall of shame.