This Malabu Oil issue will not disappear and should simply not be forgotten. With the unfortunate crash of the Dana Airlines flight, not a few of this in our King’s palace will be praying that we should forget, but we will not.

The more I read the Attorney General’s response as to the role of the Federal Government of Nigeria in this issue, the more many questions are raised in my mind. May be someone could help to answer the following:

Why did the government become a broker between Shell, Eni and Malabu? Couldn’t government allow these entities to negotiate and settle the issues surrounding the OPL by themselves?
Into which account was the payment by Shell and Eni received? By law, all payments to the Federal Government should be received into the Federation Account.
If the payment was received into the Federation Account, by what Appropriation Bill provision was the subsequent payment to Malabu Oil done? If not received into the federation account, under what authority and legal provision was the money received and to which account?
Who is Abubakar Aliyu and why did Malibu make a payout to him following the receipt of transfer from FGN?