and Daniel wrote a book – A Chase in the Shadows…

Excerpt From: Daniel Abimibola. “A Chase in the Shadows.” Scotch College, 2013. iBooks.

“Startled, stunned,
You begin to run,
‘Til you hear the gun,
Then the baffling is done.
Frightened, stricken,
Your footsteps quicken.
Another gunshot then,
You hear the sounds of dogs and men.
One thing echoes through your mind,
Run! Run! RUN!
One thing is on their mind,
Gun! Gun! GUN!
You finally escape,
But then shouts the man in the cape,
‘Don’t stop until he is done!’,
The chase has begun.”

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  1. Lola Bakare says:

    I love love love this except !!! Where can we get the rest of the book ?

  2. Ola Awosemo says:

    Brilliant peace. The use of imageries is very apt.Nice piece from our budding professor . Well done Kiiti.

  3. Vivienne says:


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