Startled, stunned,
You begin to run,
Till you hear the gun,
Then the baffling is done.

Frightened, stricken,
Your feet steps quicken.
Another gunshot then,
You hear the sounds of dogs and men.

One-thing echoes through your mind,
Run! Run! RUN!
One-thing is on their mind,
Gun! Gun! GUN!


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You finally escaped,
But then shouts the man in the cape,
‘Don’t stop until he is done’,
The chase has begun.

Then appears a man clothed in shadows,
Through the darkness he follows,
Searching for prey,
In night and day,

Tonight you are in his way,
And now he does say,
You shall pay.

The chase has begun,
And now before dawn,
He attacks swiftly,
Moving gently,

You are a dead man,
Your death will be quite grand,
For even though rules of survival you follow,
Which man can run from his shadow.

A Poem by Kiiti Abimibola (c) 2012