Medea was wrong

It got us worried but Spring is finally here, wiping away the dullness that the cold winter brought with it. I had taken a long walk within Kings Park and came to More »

Immortality for sale

Adam and Eve lost it when they ate the forbidden fruit. Now the tree of life, in the garden of Eden, is being guided by a Cherubim with a flaming sword. I More »

Our Playwriters are speaking to US

Why are we folding our arms  saying “There is little a man can do”?  Praise-Singer: Elesin, we placed the reins of the world in your hands yet you watched it plunge over More »

What it means to be a Nigerian

Mikel Obi, yes we all know him. That fine gentleman that captains the Super Eagles. Well, what was news lately was that his father was kidnapped and this happened just before that More »

Show me a God

It’s been raining cats and dogs here and I am having what I regard as a Banji’s problem. It was Banji, a friend of mine that propounded the theory that house roofs More »

Medea was wrong

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